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R&D 2018 - Wash Heads, Stage 1.

January 16, 2018

R&D 2018 - Wash Heads, Stage 1.


Independent wash heads
Research & Development 2018, Stage1.

As a small retro-fit, we can now modify your control set up to allow you to use either wash head independently at full power instead of just the control side. This small rerouting of cables takes about an hour and includes a few extra parts. 
Bit of R & D at Green Cleen HQ today. Stage 1 of 3 completed. You can now use either wash head independently on full pressure or dual wash for a rinse.
The washer in this video is set up with our standard 21-litre per minute water pump. For Stage 2 we will fit this modification to one of our units with our new 30-litre per minute water pump. Then finally Stage 3. We will fit our new orbital wash head set up which will allow 30-Litres of water per minute through each wash head independently at 200 Bar, increasing the flow that we put through our wash heads by three times which will improve the standard of clean whilst speeding up the wash time. This will be especially the case for commercial bins. The plan by the time we complete stage 3. is to irradicate the need to hand lance the inside of bins completely so the wash heads clean the bins instead of just rinsing them.

This stage 1. modification is available to all Green Cleen Franchisees using the pickup mounted spec of our Duplex Bin Washer Range. A small retro-fit, can be fitted in under an hour and including labour costs can be fitted to your washers for £210 + Vat. For any enquiries please speak with Sid our Technical Manager.
Videos for stage 2-3 coming soon watch this space!
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Stage 2.

We are now upgrading our 21-litre water pumps to 30-litres per minute. With the new ability to use either wash head independently on full power will triple the water flow out of each wash head.

Videos for Stage 2. and Stage 3. to follow soon!

Stage 3.

Finally, we will be trialling our new orbital wash head set up which can take up to 160-Litres of water per minute (though we will only take the pressure to 30-litres unless you upgrade your engine). These heads retail at £1200 + vat at can be ordered through the Green Cleen online shop